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Deli in an Office Building

A Franchise Deli located on Beltway 8 near Bush Airport. Ground floor with a large outside patio. Also has a sign on…
Listing #: 2308
Price: $75,000
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Chocolate Retail Store & Manufacturer

The Woodlands
This is a retail store in The Woodland’s just north of Houston. This Chocolate Factory is one of approximately 22 franchise locations.…
Listing #: 2370
Price: $125,000 + Transfer Fee
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Hamburger Franchise – Absentee Owned!

Katy, TX
This is a Hamburger Franchise located near the Typhoon Katy Water Park. End-cap of the strip center with a drive-thru. Absentee owned.…
Listing #: 2375
Price: $250,000
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