Deli/Restaurant Under an Office Building

Downtown Houston
This is a franchise Deli/Restaurant located in the tunnel in downtown Houston. Open for breakfast and lunch, 5 days per week, closed…
Listing #: 2398

Deli in an Office Building – Great Location! Reduced Price!

This is a deli in an office building in downtown Houston. Priced as an asset sale with the recipes. Sales currently $300-$400…
Listing #: 2399


This is a restaurant serving breakfast and lunch. Located in the Heights in Houston Texas. Great location. They offer beer and wine…
Listing #: 2492
Price: $225,000
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Franchise Deli

Downtown Houston
This is a deli located in downtown Houston.  Short hours from 7 AM to 3 PM 5 days a week.  Closed weekends…
Listing #: 2504
Price: $160,000
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