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Absentee Owned

Restaurant & Bar

Houston area
Absentee Owned Full-Service Restaurant and Bar (2-locations) offering a new-take on a traditional style of Cajun cooking. The first location was established…
Listing #: 2252
Price: $1,200,000
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9Round Kickboxing Fitness -Sold

Houston area
This popular franchise is one of the fastest growing gyms in the country.  Known for its kickboxing themed 30-minute fitness programs led…
Listing #: 2456

Leased Salon Suites – Contract Pending!

Southwest Houston
13-leased salon suites with a variety of businesses leasing this space such as a few hair stylists, nail technicians, masseuse/facials, health and…
Listing #: 2491
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Deli Franchise in Office Building

Houston area
Popular Franchise Deli located in an 11-story office building, also offering Starbucks coffee. Open only 5-days per week from 7am – 3pm. …
Listing #: 2503
Price: $60,000
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