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New Trends for Buying a Business

In recent years, the business world has experienced considerable changes that have been triggered by certain factors that have affected the way people consider buying a business. Advancement in technology is one of those triggers, as it continues to change numerous areas of business significantly.  …

Exits Are Inevitable, Failure Is Not: Planning a Successful Exit

Planning a Successful Exit

We understand that business owners are so busy addressing today’s economic challenges that they can overlook the critical task of Exit Planning. We also understand that, at some point, all owners exit their businesses. When that day arrives, owners want to exit on their terms, the most important of which are financial independence and choosing the person or entity that will receive or buy the business.

Today’s Veterans Buying a Business

Buying a business can seem far-fetched for those transitioning from active military to civilian life, especially when you factor in the challenges that some face with reacclimating themselves into everyday life. However, there is good news, there are many great career opportunities out there that are quite ideal for men and women who dedicated years of their lives to serving our country. …

Retirement Planning

Business Brokers Provide Retirement Advice for Small Business Owners

While small business owners generally focus on what needs to be done to thrive in today’s competitive markets, taking care of business involves more than dealing with typical day-to-day issues. At some point, virtually every business owner will want to retire, but wanting to retire and actually being prepared to do so are not the same thing. …

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